Cypripedium Geisha

Cyp. Gisela x Cyp. candidum

First time bloomer Geisha is a plant about the same height as Gisela and will likely be a good clumper since at first bloom it had three flowers on three stems. The flowers are smaller than Gisela, only slightly larger than candidum. Upon opening the sepals were nearly black and the pouch pure white. By the next morning the sepals had lightened and the purplish blush had developed on the pouch.

We have tried many hybrids using Gisela as a parent since it is such a hardy grower, forming many-stemmed clumps in only a few years. Unfortunately, Gisela has proven poorly fertile so we don't have many of these offspring.

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Cypripedium Geisha

Cypripedium Geisha in 2010.