Species of Cypripedium

There have been several classification schemes proposed for the genus. The one here is from Phillip Cribb. The Genus Cypripedium. Portland: Timber Press, 1997, with the exception of the description of Cypripedium parviflorum, which is from Charles J. Sheviak. CYPRIPEDIUM. in Flora of North America North of Mexico, vol. 26, 2002, pp 499-507. There are many synonyms as well. Some of these are now considered to represent natural hybrids. In reading older literature one will also find reference to many species of Cypripedium that are now placed into the genus Paphiopedilum.

Section Subtropica

Section Irapeana

Section Cypripedium

Subsection Cypripedium

Subsection Macrantha

Section Enantipedilum

Section Obtusipetala

Section Acaulia

Section Retinervia

Section Bifolia

  • C. guttatum
  • C. yatabeanum

Section Flabellinervia

Section Arietinum

  • C. arietinum
  • C. plectrochilum
  • Section Trigonopedia

    • C. micranthum
    • C. bardolphianum
    • C. margaritaceum
    • C. forrestii
    • C. lichiangense
    • C. wumengense
    • C. fargesii