Cypripedium hybrids

Artificial orchid hybrids are registered by the Royal Horticultural Society. Hybrids are registered and named by the person who flowers the plant and first submits an application for registration. Note that the RHS also lists some synonyms in their database. The RHS plans to ultimately list commonly-used synonyms. For example, Cypripedium Yezo is the official name of the hybrid of Cypripedium macranthos and Cypripedium yatabeanum; another name seen for the same cross is Cypripedium Sandra Maier. This name was not registered but is listed as a synonym since it has been used in the literature.

Some names listed here are not actually hybrids but are included since they may be used as commercial identifiers of color forms: examples include Aki Pastel, etc. Other names are actually named forms of a single species, for example, John Haggar is a named form of Cyp macranthos.

The person who makes a given hybrid is referred to as the originator. Natural hybrids are here referred to with the letter "x" in front of the specific epithet and the author of the paper in which the natural hybrid was first described is indicated.

Hybrids listed with ( ) around them are names that have been associated with the specific hybrid in the literature or web sites but which do not appear in the RHS Orchid Parentage listing. To search the current RHS list of Cypripedium hybrids, enter Cypripedium into both of the parent genus boxes.

The offspring of a specific cross are all referred to as belonging to the same grex. Thus, all Cypripedium Gisela, for example, are offspring of a cross between any Cypripedium parviflorum and any Cypripedium macranthos. Some propagators would like to distinguish the offspring of specific parent plants that were used for a specific cross. Some of those results are listed here: for example, Cypripedium Boots grex Christopher refers to all the offspring of the specific Boots cross reported by Peter Corkhill in 2006.

Finally, specific plants that have resulted from a given species or cross may receive awards for particular merit from a recognized judging body such as the American Orchid Society. These specific plants may then be named by the exhibitor to indicate that they were awarded. These results are not listed in this table.

We also have a table that allows you to see all the hybrids organized by parentage rather than hybrid name. That list has additional hybrids that have been reported but for which we do not know the name.

/ < l l /td> <
Natural Seed Parent Pollen Parent Describer Year
xalaskanum guttatum yatabeanum P.M.Br. 1995
xandrewsii candidum parviflorum AM Fuller 1932
xandrewsii nothovar andrewsii parviflorum var. makasin candidum
xandrewsii nothovar favillianum parviflorum var. pubescens candidum (JT Curtis) B Boivin 1932
xandrewsii nothovar. landonii xandrewsii nothovar. favillianum parviflorum var. parviflorum (Garay) B Boivin
xbarbeyi (synonym for Cyp xventricosum) calceolus macranthos
xcatherinae macranthos shanxiense Averyanov 1999
xcolumbianum pubescens montanum Sheviak 1992
xfreynii (synonym for Cyp xventricosum) calceolus macranthos
xfroschii(later considered by the describer H Perner to be a variant of Cyp tibeticum) tibeticum yunnanense
xherae reginae pubescens Sheviak 2004
hybrid a macranthos x ventricosum
hybrid b tibeticum himalaicum
hybrid c corrugatum yunnanense
xkesselringii (synonym for Cyp xventricosum) calceolus macranthos
xkrylowii (synonym for Cyp xventricosum) calceolus macranthos
xludlowii henryi yunnanense
xmacranthos (nothof) alboroseum macranthos var album macranthos
xmacranthos (nothof) albostriatum macranthos var album macranthos var atropurpureum
xmacranthos (nothof) flavoroseum macranthos var flavum macranthos
xmicrosaccos shanxiense calceolus
xventricosum macranthos calceolus Swartz 1800
xventricosum nothovar. virescens xventricosum calceolus
xwenqingiae farreri tibeticum Perner 1998
Artificial Registrant
Aasee reginae farreri Vienenkotter 2009
Achim parviflorum var pubescens x froschii Frosch 2003
Adelheid Sabine calcicola KD Schmidt
Aki parviflorum var pubescens macranthos Frosch 1996
Alice parviflorum Sabine Malmgren 2017
Alois xandrewsii montanum von Rad 2008
Amelie passerinum flavum Frosch 2010
Andreas fargesii sichuanense Frosch 2015
Ann Elizabeth tibeticum franchetti Corkhill 2010
Anna parviflorum var parviflorum macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum Frosch 2012
Anna Beckmann kentuckiense xcolumbianum J Auer 2016
Anne reginae macranthos Vienenkötter 2008
Anne gx Lucien Group reginae macranthos var taiwanianum Moors 2007
Arne fasciolatum Uta Frosch 2016
Annegret parviflorum shanxiense Frosch 2010
Annette macranthos candidum Frosch 2002
Antonin Binovess himalaicum cordigerum Pinkepank
Aurora Sebastian tibeticum Stiebritz 2014
Axel parviflorum tibeticum Malmgren 1998
Ayana flavum wardii Roegler 2012
Barbara Imfeld-Pinkepank macranthos var album farreri Pinkepank 2005
Barbarossa Otto macranthos KD Schmidt 2014
Bärbel Schmidt macranthos montanum F Schmidt 2009
Barry Phillips fasciolatum segawae RHS 2013
Bea Pinkepank calcicolum reginae Pinkepank 2010
Beatrix Wladiwo fasciolatum KD Schmidt 2011
Benedikt cordigerum montanum Frosch 2014
Bernd macranthossegawae Frosch 2001
Bernie reginae fargesii Raschun 2007
Bertradis Lothar Pinkepank henryi KD Schmidt 2011
Betty Maier macranthos parviflorum var planipetalum Maier 2004
Bill parviflorum var pubescens tibeticum Frosch 2004
Birgit macranthos cordigerum In Vitro 2006
Blondi parviflorum var pubescens macranthosvar rebunense Frosch 2007
Boots calceolus var flavum montanum Pinkepank 2005
Boots grex Christopher calceolus montanum Corkhill 2005
Camiel parviflorum var parviflorum plectrochilum von Rad 2005
Carla Favillianum macranthos var alba Burch & Perakos 2009
Carol Ilene parviflorum var pubescens macranthos hotei-atsumorianum Keisling 2005
Carolin calceolus macranthos var speciosum Frosch 1991
Carson parviflorum formosanum Frosch 1992
Chauncey parviflorum segawai Whitlow 1993
Christa Handlbauer farreri calceolus Glanz/Handlbauer 2009
Christian Shanxiense macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum Weinert 2018
Christoph parviflorum japonicum Frosch 2015
Cleo Pinkepank kentuckiense macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum Hach/Pinkepank 1998
Cornelia Doreen froschii Schmidt 2010
Dawn Edwards lichiangense macranthos RHS/Anthura 2013
Delphine kentuckiense franchetti Moors 2009
Dieter xandrewsii candidum Burch & Perakos 2010
Dietrich calceolus kentuckiense Frosch 2003
Dominique reginae formosanum Moors 2007
Donna Sabine xandrewsii Burch & Perakos 2012
Doreen xventricosum cordigerum Schmidt 2010
Dr. Ernst von Siemens xfroschii tibeticum S Urban 2016
Dryad xandrewsii tibeticum Burch & Perakos 2012
Elise Ulla Silkens macranthos Malmgren 2011
Emil parviflorum calceolus Frosch 1993
Erich Maier guttatum reginae Maier 2006
Erika calceoluscandidum Frosch 2003
Eurasia macranthos tibeticum Nakamura 2005
Fantasy (synonym for Princess, see notes) reginae margaritaceumWhitlow 1992
Favillianum parviflorum var pubescens candidum Whitlow 1994
Fay Sebastian xcolumbianum F Schmidt 2017
Florence Gisela fasciolatum Corkhill 2007
Francis kentuckiense macranthos var speciosum Robinson 2001
Frohnau SilkSun Ulla Silkens Sunshine Hach 2013
Froni parviflorum var pubescens franchetti Frosch 2012
Gabriela fasciolatum kentuckiense Frosch 2003
Ge Pang formosanum japonicum Pinkepank 2010
Geisha Gisela candidum Burch & Perakos 2010
Genesis reginae parviflorum var pubescens Whitlow 1987
Gerhard franchetti farreri Frosch 2005
Gidget candidum henryi Frosch 1993
Gisela parviflorum var parviflorum macranthos Frosch 1992
Gisela grex Ray Group parviflorum var parviflorum macranthos var taiwanianum Malmgren 2011
GPH Anna Marie henryi flavum Burch 2009
GPH Barbara Favillianum fasciolatum Burch & Perakos 2009
GPH Barbara's Smile Lothar Pinkepank Kristi Lynn Burch 2014
GPH Charles candidum montanum Burch 2009
GPH Crimson Challenger franchetti Gisela Burch 2012
GPH Crimson Promise Gisela Maria Burch 2010
GPH Fair Garden Princess cordigerum henryi Burch 2018
GPH Little Charlie parviflorum var. makasin macranthos var. albiflorum Burch 2010
GPH Low Percentage acaule fasciolatum Burch 2015
GPH Memoria Charles Frail Jr parviflorum var. pubescens macranthos var. album Burch & Perakos 2009
GPH Memoria Florence Frail franchetti Peter Burch 2013
GPH Merlot Memoria Shawna Austin GPH Memoria Florence Frail Burch 2017
GPH Olympic Promise Ursel segawae Burch 2017
GPH Petite Delight cordigerum segawae Burch 2015
GPH Quiet Waters cordigerum tibeticum Burch 2018
GPH Tom Velardi macranthos var. alba Sabine Burch & Perakos 2010
GPH Theresa Lothar Pinkepank macranthos Burch 2013
GPH Yellow Hank henryi segawai Burch 2015
GPH Yumi Sabine GPH Tom Velardi Burch 2013
Gunnar tibeticum flavum Frosch 2016
Günter calceolus reginae In Vitro Orch 2006
Hakuto macranthos var album henryi Kaneko 2011
Hank Small parviflorum var parviflorum henryi Whitlow 1991
Hanne Rosdahl fasciolatum flavum Malmgren 2008
Hannes Uta parviflorum var pubescens Frosch 2017
Hans Arpagaus froschii macranthos Pinkepank 2005
Hans Erni franchetti calceolus Frosch 2004
Hans Pinkepank formosanum calceolus Pinkepank 2010
Hareskov Johnny Petersen tibeticum Malmgren 2017
Hedi Ingrid macranthos Frosch 1997
Hedwig Ingrid pubescens KD Schmidt 2011
Heike formosanum segawai Frosch 1998
Heinz Pinkepank arietinum reginae S Ihme 2016
Henning Pinkepank shanxiense macranthos Pinkepank 2005
Henri Pinkepank Kathleen Anne Green Lothar Pinkepank H Pinkepank 2016
Henric macranthos var hotei-asumatorianum tibeticum Malmgren 2010
Hideki Okuyama fasciolatum x ventricosum Frosch 2001
Highlight xventricosum nothovar virescens segawai F Schmidt 2011
Hilda kentuckiense x ventricosum Robinson 2001
Hildegard candidum cordigerum Frosch 2005
Hiraizmi Karl macranthos T Oyamada 2013
Holger henryi macranthos var speciosum Frosch 2005
Ilse californicum flavum Frosch 20
Inge parviflorum fasciolatum Frosch 2003
Ingrid parviflorum cordigerum Frosch 1990
Irene reginae kentuckiense Frosch 2006
Irmin Vogler Sabine Henric S Malmgren 2018
Ivory cordigerum kentuckiense Koch 2008
Iwahime macranthos var. speciosum fasciolatum Hiratsuka 2008
Iwate Monto Iwahime T Oyamada 2013
Jacob Lothar Pinkepank tibeticum KD Schmidt 2014
James Armitage montanum henryi RHS/Anthura 2013
January Sunshine acaule parviflorum var pubescens RHS 2007
Jens fasciolatum shanxiense Frosch 2012
Jimmy fasciolatum macranthos var rebunense Frosch 2006
Johanna kentuckiense corrugatum Robinson 2003
John parviflorum var parviflorum yunnanense Frosch 2006
John Massey montanum kentuckiense S Urban 2016
Johnny Petersen parviflorum var. parviflorum macranthos var rebunense Hach/Malmgren 1999
Joris parviflorum var pubescens Uta Frosch 2016
José reginae tibeticum Moors 2007
Joseph Henry parviflorum calcicolum Corkhill 2005
Judith reginae Tilman Crustacare 2006
Judith Merrick Erika fasciolatum RHS/Anthura 2013
Julia Barclay Aki kentuckiense RHS/Anthura 2013
Julie Ann kentuckiense calcicolum Keisling 2004
Kagura calceolus Carolin T Oyamada 2013
Karel Polivka x ventricosum macranthos Pinkepank 2005
Karl macranthos var speciosum franchetti Frosch 2009
Karl Heinz calceolus cordigerum Frosch 1990
Kathleen Anne Green kentuckiense henryi Whitlow 1992
Katrin Philipp parviflorum var pubescens Frosch 2005
Kirsten flavum corrugatum Malgren 2012
Kizuna macranthos Carolin T Oyamada 2013
Kristi Lyn parviflorum var pubescens henryi Keisling 2003
Lady Dorine fasciolatum formosanum Opstaele 2008
Laila macranthos x andrewsii Keisling 2006
Late Delight californicum macranthos KD Schmidt 2014
Lettika flavum kentuckiense F Schmidt 2014
Lisa Dietrich parviflorum var pubescens KD Schmidt 2014
Lisbeth Gisela calceolus Döpper 2004
Lizzy Ann parviflorum xfroschii Corkhill 2005
Loes reginae yunnanense Moors 2009
Lois (this name is not recognized by the orchid registrar since taiwanianum is not recognized as a valid variety of macranthos) kentuckiense macranthos var taiwanianum Robinson 2003
Lothar Pinkepank parviflorum var. pubescens kentuckiense Pinkepank 2005
Lucien (Anne gx Lucien Group) reginae macranthos var taiwanianum Moors 2007
Lucy Pinkepank kentuckiense tibeticum Pinkepank 1998
Lukas parviflorum var pubescens segawae U von Rad 2015
Luke franchetti xfroschii Corkhill 2007
Lura Dietrich macranthos var hotei KD Schmidt 2014
Lusarem candidum Sebastian Corkhill 2010
Manfred parviflorum fargesii In Vitro Orchid Raschun 2008
Maria parviflorum macranthos var speciosum Frosch 1991
Mason's Birthday candidum kentuckiense Burch 2012
Maria Handlbauer reginae corrugatum Handlbauer 2008
Marianne Sebastian montanum Frosch 2010
Marika Aki candidum Burch & Perakos 2009
Mario calceolus Sabine Malmgren 2018
Mathilde Sabine macranthos var hotei-asumatorianum KD Schmidt 2011
Memoria Florence Frail franchetti Peter Burch 2013
Memoria Gerd Kohls calceolus henryi Lowland Biotech 1995
Memoria Hans Hoeller lichiangense fargesii Stickroth 2014
Memoria Holger Perner fasciolatum cordigerum S Urban 2018
Memoria Marika Perakos Sabine (album) Birgit(album) Burch & Perakos 2015
Memoria Shawna Austin macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum calceolus Austin 2006
Michael macranthos henryi Frosch 1998
Mike kentuckiense x ventricosum nothovar virescens Robinson 2003
Mona Lis Sabine Tower Hill Malgren 2017
Monto macranthos var. hotei-atsumorianum fasciolatum Hiratsuka 2008
Mops macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum franchetti Frosch 2014
Münster californicum guttatum Vienenkötter 2011
Nadi franchetti Jimmy Frosch 2013
Neil Lancaster lichiangense fasciolatum Anthura 2013
Oliver Lothar Pinkepank calceolus KD Schmidt 2011
Olli kentuckiense KD Schmidt 2011
Oma Alli Tanja Pinkepank x ventricosum nothovar virescens Pinkepank 2005
Otmar Riegler farreri parviflorum var pubescens Glanz/Handlbauer 2007
Otto calceolus parviflorum var pubescens Frosch 1991
Patrick Pinkepank parviflorum var planipetalum tibeticum Pinkepank 1998
Paul parviflorum franchetti Frosch 2009
Peter macranthos var speciosum yunnanense Frosch 2009
Philipp macranthos kentuckiense Frosch 1996
Philipp gx Dreiech Group kentuckiense macranthos Frosch 2018
Piccolo parviflorum var. planipetalum yunnanense Frosch 2007
Pixi calceolus tibeticum Corkhill 2003
Pluto fasciolatum franchetti Frosch 2005
Princess reginae lichiangense Whitlow 1995
Prof. Karl Robatsch reginae acaule In Vitro 2004
Promises formosanum acaule Whitlow 1988
Pünktchen und Anton wardii reginae Pinkepank 2015
Ragnar parviflorum var. pubescens Monto Frosch 2016
Rascal kentuckiense parviflorum Whitlow 1990
Rena kentuckiense Marika Burch 2012
Renate macranthos franchetti Frosch 2009
Rhiensberg Castle Ulla Silkens tibeticum Hach/Bergel 2012
Rhiensberg IS Beautiful Ulla Silkens passerinum Hach/Bergel 2012
Rhiensberg Sparrow Egg passerinum reginae Hach/Bergel 2007
Rhodopsis montanum tibeticum Anthura 2013
Robin Lee farreri kentuckiense Keisling 2000
Roland parviflorum var pubescens corrugatum In Vitro 2005
Ruby Ivate macranthos var speciosum Carolin Oyamata 2010
Sabine fasciolatum macranthos Frosch 2002
Sam Saulys Gisela xandrewsii Burch & Perakos 2009
Sandra M. macranthos yatabeanum E. Maier 2006
Sandra Maier (synonym for Yezo) macranthos yatabeanum E. Maier 2003
Sarah Louise Ulla Silkens reginae Corkhill 2010
Sarah Louise gx Vallonia Group Ulla Silkens reginae forma album Burch 2011
Schoko calceolus shanxiense Frosch 2011
Sebastian parviflorum montanum Frosch 1998
Selston High School candidum fasciolatum Anthura 2013
Siggi froschii calceolus Pinkepank 2005
Silvia Lothar Pinkepank Sabine Schmidt 2010
Spirit of Violet macranthos Gisela Vossler 2009
Stefanie Otto henryi Schmidt 2010
Sunny fasciolatum calceolus Frosch 2004
Sunshine flavum pubescens O. Vossler 2008
Tanja Pinkepank macranthos var rebunense calceolus Pinkepank 1998
Tasio Dietrich Lothar Pinkepank Schmidt 2010
Theophanu Sabine tibeticum KD Schmidt 2011
Tical californicum tibeticum F Schmidt 2013
Till Eulenspiegel shanxiense tibeticum Pinkepank 2005
Tilman tibeticum fasciolatum Frosch 2005
Tordis Kvalstein macranthos var. corrugatum Ulla Silkens Kvalstein 2008
Tower Hill parviflorum var pubescens macranthos var speciosum Keisling 2003
Ulla Silkens flavum reginae Malmgren 1996
Ulli parviflorum var pubescens cordigerum Frosch 1994
Ursel fasciolatum henryi Frosch 2003
Uta fasciolatum x froschii Frosch 2004
Uwe Hans Erni parviflorum var pubescens Stiebritz 2014
Vicky's Delight Ulla Silkens flavum Corkhill 2006
Victoria parviflorum var. pubescens fasciolatum Corkhill 2005
Vilma Tower Hill tibeticum Malmgren 2010
Warren reginae californicum Lueg 2006
Wenqing tibeticum farreri Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology 2012
Werner candidum yatabeanum Whitlow 1993
Werner F. calcicolum macranthos von Rad 2011
Werner Frosch henryi macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum Manthey 2003
Werner Schmidt formosanum yunnanense Schmidt 2008
Wimhenryi tibeticum Moors 2007
Wladiwo x ventricosum calceolus flavum Frosch 2005
Wouter Peeters reginae fasciolatum Peeters 2006
Yezo macranthos yatabeanum Nakamura 2005
Named Varieties Not Registered Originator
Aki Pastel parviflorum var pubescens macranthos a white form of Aki Frosch Exclusive Perennials
Birgit Pastel macranthos cordigerum a white form of Birgit Frosch Exclusive Perennials
Gisela Pastel parviflorum macranthos a white form of Gisela Frosch Exclusive Perennials
John Haggar macranthos macranthos var.hotei-atsumorianum not a hybrid, rather a named Grex within the species Malmgren 2011
Michael Pastel macranthos henryi a white form of Michael Frosch Exclusive Perennials
Renate Pastel fasciolatum macranthos a white form of Sabine Frosch Exclusive Perennials
Sabine Pastel fasciolatum macranthos a white form of Sabine Frosch Exclusive Perennials

Cyp Fantasy is noted as a synonym of Cyp Princess since Cyp Fantasy was described having Cyp daliense as a parent, and Cyp daliense was later declared a synonym for Cyp margaritaceum. However, it was found that the parent plant identified as Cyp margaritaceum was actually Cyp lichiangense. Whitlow in his website notes that since so long a time had passed between Fantasy's and the realization of misidentification, that the same hybrid had to be reregistered, as Cyp Princess.