Temperate Terrestrial Orchid Sites


Ava's Flowers: Flower Identification Resource Guide

Ava's Flowers has put together an excellent page with links to wild flower identification. Thank you to the school children in New Jersey who use this site as a starting point to identify flowers that they find on their nature walks and for telling me about it.

Botany Boy Blog

Our great friend "Tommy" has lived in southern Japan for several years and provides interesting vignettes about many plant groups, including terrrestrial orchids.

Cypripedium Forum

The Cypripedium Forum was an active site for education and exchange of information for several years. Currently it serves as a repository of past posts and images of some spectacular Cyp's.

Cypripedium Haven

Carson Whitlow is one of the pioneers of Cypripedium propagation as well as the propagation of several other genera of temperate terrestrial orchids. His site contains a wealth of information about several genera of temperate orchids. Cyp Haven sells a number of temperate terrestrial orchids in the fall of each year.

Werner Frosch

Werner Frosch is one of the pioneers of Cypripedium propagation. His site is a treasure trove of information about the genus. Frosch sells mature plants each fall and vernalied seedlings each spring. His list is up for only a very short time before selling out.

Jim Fowler's Galleries

Jim Fowler has several galleries of outstanding photographs of North American terrestrial orchids.

FTD's Types of Orchids

A very nice visual introduction to the relationships among different orchids.

The Genus Cypripedium

The Genus Cypripedium is devoted to pictorial geneologies of Cypripedium hybrids.

Ernst Gugel's Chinese Cypripedium Gallery

Very interesting gallery of Chinese Cypripedium in their native habitats.

Rob Illingworth's Photosite

Rob Illingworth is an extraordinarily gifted gardener in Canada and a gifted photographer as well. He pictures some of the nicest Cypripedium specimen plants to ever be seen!

Japanese Photo Galleries

There are many photo galleries by Japanese hobbyists.

Lidafors Garden Orchids

Svante Malmgren is another of the pioneers of temperate terrestrial orchid propagation. He describes his methods for several genera and contains many photos of his operation. Some plants are offered for sale on the site.

My Orchids

Dr. Heinrich Beyrle is a famous propagator of terrestrial orchids. His site (available in English or German) is packed with information about many genera. He also has an extensive price list.

Koch's Orchid Garden

Konrad Koch has a nice site that describes his orchid garden. The shade house here at Gardens at Post Hill were inspired by the shade house pictured by Koch.

Orchid Digest Magazine

Orchid Digest is a wonderful source of detailed information about all groups of orchids. We depend upon it.

Orchid Seedbank Project

Aaron Hicks runs the Orchid Seedbank Project, which collects orchid seed of all genera. The site has much information and many links. Surplus seed is available for purchase at modest prices.

Orchids Magazine

Orchids is the publication of the American Orchid Society. It publishes many articles about terrestrial orchids.

Orchid Species

This website is the passion of Jay Pfahl who has entered thousands of orchid species along with photos and extensive information.

Holger Perner

Sadly, Holger, a good friend who lived in China and with his wife Wenqing and their children, passed away in early 2017 at a tender age. He worked too hard and paid for it with his health and life. Here, since his website has been taken down, is a documentary made about a small part of his work in China trying to help the people living in the poorest province make decent livings and to help avoid destructive development. Holger was a local hero. This documentary is partially in Chinese with English subtitles and partially in English. It is well worth spending 30 minutes watching it.


If you desire to know about any aspect of the genus Pleione, this site has the information!

Clark Riley

Dr. Clark Riley lives in Baltimore, Maryland USA and grows a number Cypripedium species and hybrids in this relatively hot climate. Dr. Riley also grows a number of rarely-cultivated orchids, including Selenipedium.

Slipper Orchid Forum

The Slipper Orchid Forum is devoted to all genera of slippers: Cypripedium, Selenipedium, Phragmipedium, Mexipedium, and Paphiopedilum.

Slipper Talk

Slipper Talk is devoted to all genera of slippers: Cypripedium, Selenipedium, Phragmipedium, Mexipedium, and Paphiopedilum.


This is an amazing site that covers all of the genera of slipper orchids including Cypripedium. It contains information about the species, hybrids, and distribution of all slipper orchids.

Terrestrial Orchid Forum

The Terrestrial Orchid Forum is devoted to all terrestrial orchids.


British Paphiopedilum Society

The British Paphiopedilum Society publishes and excellent quarterly magazine that often contains articles about Cypripedium.

Hardy Orchid Society

A very active group with an excellent, detailed website.

Native Orchid Conference

A very active group devoted to orchids of the United States and Canada, with an excellent forum and magazine. An annual meeting is held with field trips.


United States

The commercial sites are divided geographically. This is because shipment of all species of temperate terrestrial orchids is regulated by CITES. Because of the paperwork involved in shipping across many borders, many propagators will not ship to countries outside their own. Others do, but obtaining the necessary permits is costly and that cost must be born by the buyer.

Cady's Falls Nursery

A beautiful nursery in Vermont that sells Cypripedium. We hope to visit next spring!

Gardens of the Blue Ridge

Gardens of the Blue Ridge is located in North Carolina, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The nursery sells a variety of temperate terrestrial orchids.

Great Lakes Orchids

Ray Price is a master at flasking and growing temperate, terrestrial orchids. He offers Cypripedium, Bletilla, Platanthera, and Dactylorhiza as well as other perennials.

Hillside Nursery

Hillside has been selling Cypripedium orchids wholesale to the nursery trade for several years. They have recently begun to post a retail mail order list each fall.

Itasca Ladyslipper Farm

Itasca Ladyslipper Farm in Minnesota sells several species of adult Cypripedium.

Mason Hollow Nursery LLC

Mason Hollow, in New Hampshire, sells Cypripedium and Dactylorhiza.

Petersen's Wildflowers

Petersen's Wildflowers sells several species of Cypripedium.

Raising Rarities

Raising Rarities, in Ohio, propagates and sells a number of Cypripedium species and hybrids.

Robert's Flower Supply

Robert's Flower Supply sells a variety of species of Cypripedium as adults and seedlings. Plants are available during much of the year.

Spangle Creek Labs

William Steele is another of the pioneers of Cypripedium propagation. He has written several articles with detailed protocols for the propagation of Cypripediums. He and his wife sell deflasked seedlings in the fall of each year. Many seedlings at Gardens at Post Hill have originated from the Steele's fine stock.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens

Barry Glick's slice of heaven in the West Virginia mountains is home to thousands of woodland perennials. He offers Aplectrum, Goodyera and Tipularia orchids.

Vermont Ladyslipper

Vermont Ladyslipper sells adult Cypripedium plants of several species. They always have fall shipment and in some years, spring shipment. They have a nice gallery of species on their website as well as photographs of their impressive greenhouses.

Wild Orchid Company

Bill Mathis has been growing a number of species of temperate terrestrial orchids commercially for several years. He has an expanding selection of Cypripedium as well as other genera.


Fraser's Thimble Farms

Fraser's Thimble Farms offers a large variety of temperate terrestrial orchids.

European Community

Paul Christian Rare Plants

Paul Christian offers an enormous variety of rare plants for the temperate garden. Each season there are many temperate terrestrial orchids on offer. Shipments to the United States are readily accepted. A number of the more rare plants at Gardens at Post Hill originated from this nursery.


A commercial site with many species of terrestrial orchids. Photos of several genera.

Frosch® Exclusive Perennials

This site not only offers blooming size Cypripedium but excellent information about their culture.

Judith Prin's Garden Orchids

This compact site describes the propagation efforts at a nursery in the Netherlands.

Ground Orchids

A commercial site with many species of terrestrial orchids. Outstanding photos of several genera.


Phytesia offers first year seedlings of many species of terrestrial orchids as well as a few older seedlings. We have purchased seedlings from them several times and they have always been outstanding.