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Pleione - Temperate Terrestrial Orchids

Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 List is now open. Plants will be shipped in late February.


You may order and pay in two ways, by Check using our order form or by Paypal, using your Credit Card or PayPal account, directly from the website.

The Pleione List for Spring 2019 is now open. Catalog numbers and prices are listed below. Orders will be filled as placed. We will endeavor to keep availability current but it may happen that 2 or 3 people order the same day and we only have enough plants for 1 or 2 of them. The bulbs will be filled in the order the orders were received. Thank you for your support!

Please read our Pleione culture page to learn how to care for these orchids. They are intended to be grown in pots where there is any chance of freezing during winter, or where winter temperatures to do reach down to near-freezing conditions.

Due to the difficulty and costs of obtaining phytosanitary and CITES certificates, we can only ship within the United States.

Pleione Orchids

Pleione have brightly-colored "orchid-like" flowers. Bulbs can be expanded for several years to produce many blooming plants at once in pots or bulb trays.


Please click on blue lettered name at left to see a photo of Pl. aurita Pleione aurita

Pleione aurita

Cat Number PLNS001 Blooming Size Bulb
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Pln aurita is a popular species which expands rapidily.

Pleione grandiflora 'yellow lip'

Pleione grandiflora

Cat Number PLNS003 Blooming Size Bulb
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Pln grandiflora is one of our favorites.


Pleione Orizaba Fish Eagle

Pleione Orizaba 'Fish Eagle'

Cat Number PLNH003 Blooming Size Bulb
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We have enjoyed Orizaba 'Fish Eagle' for several years..

Please click on blue-lettered name at the left Pleione San Salvador

Pleione San Salvador

Cat Number PLNH104 Blooming Size Bulb
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Pln San Salvador is a hybrid of Pln Shantung x forresti. Our supplier indicates that these bulbs are "yellow clones."

Pleione Vesuvius Tawny Owl

Pleione Vesuvius 'Tawny Owl'

Cat Number PLNH118 Blooming Size Bulb
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Pln Vesuvius 'Tawny Owl' is a hybrid of Pln bulbocodiodes x confusa.

Spathoglottis ixioides

Spathoglottis ixioides

Cat Number SPATS001 Blooming Size Bulb
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Spathoglottis grows like Pleione, but smaller bark is recommended. They also like a bit more sun to maximize number of flowers. Like Pleione, bulbs must be overwintered in the cold (refrigerator) but not frozen.