The Gardens at Post Hill

As part of our move from commercial to a hobbyist information site, we have discontinued our very expensive commercial email service. From now on, please direct email messages to

At The Gardens at Post Hill we propagate and display temperate terrestrial orchids, related woodland plants, and other horticulturally distinctive plants. We are constantly expanding the information on the website and hope that you will visit often.

We have closed our commercial orchid nursery in Connecticut since we have moved to the Seattle Washington area. We will continue to propagate orchids as dedicated (and perhaps addicted) hobbyists, with a focus on making new hybrids and we will list surplus plants in the Spring and Fall when we have excess plants available.

Our Fall lists for Cypripedium and for Other Terrestrial Orchids will open on June 26. We will have some interesting Cyp's and Calanthe. All of the plants will be available first-come, first-serve, in limited numbers.

We thank everyone who has stopped by our website over the past several months. It was a crazy late winter and spring here unrelated to orchids but things are beginning to get back to normal. We now have a list up for Fall shipping - in early to mid-October.

Some of our blooming plants, Spring 2021

Here are a couple of new hybrids blooming this spring.

Cypripedium Huanglong Love Cypripedium Huanglong Love

We purchased two specimens of Huanglong Love from Wenqing Perner this Spring. Two of them bloomed. Both are quite lovely. The red one was a stunner. We used pollen from both flowers to attempt new crosses and have pods coming along. I can't wait to see what the third one looks like next Spring. Huanglong Love is a cross between Cyp xventricosum and Cyp tibeticum.

Cypripedium Anita

Anita is a hybrid of Cyp californicum and Cyp formosanum. It looks essentially identical in leaf shape and flower to Cyp Lady Dorine, a hybrid of Cyp fasciolatum and Cyp formosanum, but the flowers are about half the size of those of Lady Dorine, in keeping with the tiny flowers of Cyp californicum.